Comanche Is Not My Name

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‘I was birthed a high-plains mustang
Raised a Comanche buffalo pony
Got poked by the goddamn arse bones of Custer hisself
Life don’t get more entertaining than that’


Here is the tumultuous autobiography of the ‘one and only living survivor of the fight known as the Little Big Horn.’ Indian buffalo runner, homestead workhorse, wolfer, Indian warhorse, famous US Cavalry mount, Comanche (not his real name) takes us on an epic journey from the searing high plains of Texas to the frozen wastes of South Dakota and the Wounded Knee Creek. In turn visceral, heart-wrenching and hilarious, you are pitched into an authentic world brimming with unforgettable characters.

Comanche Is Not My Name is a riotous tale of survival and triumph set against the stark beauty of the Great Plains as two cultures collide.

My Jeopardacious Life on the High Plains is the first part of his extraordinary life, followed by My Mithersome Progress to the Little Big Horn. The Coen brothers’ The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and Patrick deWitt’s The Sisters Brothers characterize the tone.

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