Genre:   Modern English Cop Thriller.

Style:  Third-person, wry, tragi-comic.

Elevator pitch: Catherine Cawood meets Philip Marlowe

‘Christ, with respect Sergeant, you must have dropped a massive bollock to be saddled with this.’

It is Stoke on Trent.
It is a scorcher of a summer, and everybody is getting tetchy.
After a drugs bust gone wrong, Detective Sergeant Rebecca Copeland is shifted aside, shunted off to ‘the sticks’ to solve a case nobody wants to solve.
But it turns out there is more to it than mere bovinicide.

Meanwhile her personal life is in free-fall.
Her Italian husband is claiming custody of her only daughter.
She cannot comprehend her son’s gender dysphoria.
Her knocking-on-hell’s-door mother is determined to reveal family secrets nobody wants to hear.

But wait.
It's not as awful as it sounds.

Rebecca enjoys a good ‘ruck.’
She handles billionaire landowners, old money, sexist coppers and sexy builders with stiletto humour.
She handles personal problems with self-abasement.
Cowkiller is a laugh-out-loud, sexy, heart-breaking and enraging thriller.

The first fifty pages are Here

Warning: Contains language some people may find offensive, mild threat, severe jeopardy and totally gratuitous scenes of a sexual nature.