Robert Beech

‘A wonderful tour de force of a book’

(GoodReads review of The Purple-Bellied Parrot)

robert beech walking

Robert has written numerous short stories and three novels:

The Purple-Bellied Parrot (under the pseudonym William Fagus) available and well-reviewed on Amazon and Kobo
Well-reviewed also on Goodreads
More about William Fagus

Comanche Is Not My Name (Available now), the tragi-comic autobiography of the horse that survived the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Cow Killer (soon to be independently published), a contemporary cop thriller set in Stoke on Trent and the Peak District.

Robert admires the work of Proulx, Chandler, Steinbeck, R. L. Stevenson and B.B. King.

Robert holds a PhD (admittedly no recommendation for writing engaging fiction!) and has been published academically twice:

‘The Hammer-beam Roof of Westminster Hall...’, Architectural History 59 (2016)

‘... Early Fifteenth-Century Hammer-Beam Roofs’, Transactions of the Construction History Society Conference (2014)

Also the author of:
An Encyclopedia of Medieval Carpentry

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